Model Cars Made in Sweden Galanite Vikingtoys



Galanite Bedford Towing Truck - Redningsbil - Bedford bärgningsbil
Galanite Bedford Towing Truck - Redningsbil - Bedford Bärgningsbil
Galanite Bedford Towing Truck - Redningsbil - Bedford Bärgningsbil



- Red Bulldozer with Yellow Shovel -

Ca 11,6 cm 

Made in Sweden

Tom's Ref. Collection # No. GB-1 Red/Yellow

Ref. Betegnelse Sverige
Bandvagn Caterpillar


Made in Sweden

More models in collection - new page - more to come.......


Beetle - Tractor - Airplanes - Mercedes 350 SLC - Bedford Towtruck



Galanite Ford Tractor

Green Model with driver and tow hook

Made in Sweden



Galanite Ford Tractor

Orange Model with driver and tow hook

Made in Sweden



Galanite Ford Tractors

Orange & Green Models

(Made in Red, Blue, Orange & Green + more colours ?)

Made in Sweden



Mercedes 350 SLC Orange

Vinyl Model

Reg no. GAL 717 Made in Sweden

(Made in Red, Orange, Blue, Green & More Colours ?)



Galanite Vinyl Model Cars - Made in Sweden

Galanite Sweden Volvo Amazon Green Model Tom's Toy Collection: Ref. # No. TRC-7.012

Galanite Sweden


- Volvo Amazon -

Dark Blue Model

Tom's Toy Collection: Ref. # No. TRC-7.013


Mercedes MB 200

Galanite Sweden

Mercedes MB 200

- Red Model - 

Red. Ref. # - "American US Model with wings"


Mercedes MB 200

- Orange Model -   

Mercedes MB 200

- Light Green Model - 

Mercedes MB 200


- Old Dark Green Model - 


Galanite Sweden

Mercedes 250 SE

 Orange Model - TTC-7.021

Galanite Mercedes 250 SE - Blue Model


Galanite Mercedes 250 SE - Light Blue Model


# Ref. No "Galanite markings"

Probably made in Finland or Norway Wheels-Tires Type 2 Star

Da fabrikken ble lagt ned - ble formene solgt til andre land/fabrikker!

# Ref. HP-Plast i Danmark - Giske i Norge + Plasto i Finland


Mercedes 350 SLC Orange

Vinyl Model

Plate reg no. GAL 717

Made in Sweden

Made in Red, Orange, Blue & Green

Model Cars & Toys Made in Sweden

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To danska invandrerer Ludvig Hawaleska och Börje Hansen startet i 1947 Galanite

Sold to Branch & Co

Sold to MPV

Galanite toys have also been made by HP-Plast in Denmark,

by Giske in Norway

and by Plasto in Finland.


Plasto - Finland - see own page:



Brio - Childrens Toys in wood and plastic


Lundby - Doll Houses


Viking - Vikingplast - SWEDEN

Roadster Vikingplast - Sweden

(MG/Morgan/Jaguar SS or just Vikingplast-design? Sarching is on...)

Bank Model for Childrens Savings: Marked: Borre Sparebank + Logo (N) Norway

Red with red Wheels (More colour combinations)

Red with Yellow Wheels - Blue with Yellow Wheels - White & Red wheels - Pink & Red wheels

To typer hjul Brede hjul mede - aksler - aksel klinket med frittløpende hjul

Noe bredere hjul som er presset på og løper sammen med aksel

Art. No 4225

In Collection: Blue with big yellow wheels,

Red with red wheels - Borre Sparebank Norway

More bank-models ........

 Red with yellow wheels

 MG Roadster - Oldtimer"

Car ref. (Sometimes ref. Morgan Roadster or just Roadster)

 Art. No 4225

Red.mark: Old models made in Sweden marked: Vikingplast Sweden (?)

Red-mark: Later models made in Thailand and Vietnam marked: Viking Toys Sweden (?)

These later models are also marked with the standard "CE" Markings

Viking Toys AB was founded in 1974 by Mr. Goesta Kjellme - Sweden

Since the very first design, make safe and sustainable toys of high quality.

Henrik Johansson

Since 1996, manufacturing was based in Thailand but,

since mid-2013 production was successively moved to Vietnam.

Dai Dong Factory since 2013 when production was moved from Thailand to Vietnam.

Since the very beginning nearly 200 million Vikingtoys® are made. (2013)        


Hot Classics Cars made in Sweden by:

Combiplay AB - Alskog Design - OBS Patent. Justerbar for og bakaksel i høy og lav stilling!

Plates in front marked: Hot Classics

Plates in back marked with Brand f.eks. "FORD"

(Red.ref. "White-side" Wheels - på svorsk "Kvitseidekk" N Telemarksleng)

Car ref. VW 1200 Pink Model 33207 Combiplay Alskog Design Made in Sweden

Alskog Design - Made in Sweden - Patent High & Low Axels

Buick 1948

Cadillac 1948

Ford 1938

Plymouth 1954

Volvo PV 444

Volvo Amazon

Volvo 850

VW 1200


Flexi Toys - Sweden - Also later made in Thailand


For more info see these great info pages links:

Great for SAAB Model Cars


Viking Plast - Made in Sweden


Red Racer

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Nice cars! I am 54 years old and mostly played with Tomte. when i was 5 or 6 years old my first vinyl line cars came in, was a faun,vw,landr and fer.

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Love the space-toys very much!!!!
Keep on collecting them.