Fun Toy Radioes -TV's and Cameras

Vintage and Modern - Childrens Collectibles

Sesame Street TV

Vintage - Sesame Street - Big Bird Wind-Up - Musical Television Toy

Made by Illco Preschool Toy Copright Muppet Inc.


Made in Macao

M & M's FUN Radio

Pokémon Tiger Camera

"Gotta Catch 'em all"

TM Trade Mark

     The Boombot

"The Karaoke Man"

Fisher Price "The Karaoke Man" Fisher-Price Fun-2-Learn Learning DJ 

The Boombot is a musical friend that helps children Learn through Music

Teaches numbers with songs, letters through dance, shapes and color songs and learning games

Boombot features a Working Microphone, Light Up Display Screen and a Slider that teaches the do-re-mi scale and instruments

DJ sings and dances

16 songs and four games

The Boombot helps children learn through music

Features a working microphone, light up display screen and a slider that teaches the do-re-mi scale and instruments.

Requires 3 "C" batteries

Measures approximately 10.5"L x 4.5"W x 9"H.

Ages 2-6 yrs

Hello music fans, let’s rock! Music can make it easier (and more fun) to learn—especially with a cool friend who sings and dances along! With 16 songs and 4 games, this DJ is ready to spin more than tunes. Music and learning will hit the right notes with kids as they sing and learn about numbers, letters, colors, shapes—even musical instruments.

Rockin’ to the beat is sure to be a hit! .

Teaches:  Letters, Numbers, Shapes, Colors Matching 

Music & instruments Makes learning more fun!

Songs, Games, Dance, Karaoke, Colorful lights, Music slider, Do-re-mi & lots more!



Cassette Recorder with "Sing-A-Long"

Model 9111

Made in China

Phonics Lap-Top

StartRight - Enriching Children's Minds

Hanzawa - Made in China

Music Box

Mechanical - TV Screen

Blue-Box Toys

Made in China

Musical Toy TV Clock

Wind-up with Mechanical TV-Screen

Made in Hong Kong

UK 992463


Karaoke CD Player



Real CD Player with two Microphones

Made in China

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