Space Robots

TELEVISION SPACEMAN - ALPS 1965 This is a tin battery operated robot with walking action, rotating googly eyes, color lights and a scrolling space scene in a chest TV screen.
Big Red Radar/TV antenna
Alps Brand Made in Japan
Mechanical - Gear - Robot
Walks forward while bright light swirls around inside chest lighting up small clear domes around edge. Gears spin continuously while in motion. Every few steps he stops and rotates 360 degrees with all actions in motion, after a few spins body resets and continues along his way.
Unique action: Light show reflects off of chin section adding extra fun. Marked "Y" Brand Made in Japan
Wind-up Tin-plate Robot
Clockwork mechanism - Walking steady forward and moving arms
Marked: MS 361 Made in China
Battery Operated - Plastic Body - Made in Hong Kong
ATTACKING MARTIAN - HORIKAWA The more common small - ordinary sized head on a 9 inch tin and plastic battery comp.lid operated fly eye robot. Distinctive gold litho on the fromt chest panel. Robot walks forward, stops then fires lit up guns which pop out from chest. Straight legs. Second generation. Marked Made in Japan
OSH Brand
Made in China

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28.09 | 10:49

Nice cars! I am 54 years old and mostly played with Tomte. when i was 5 or 6 years old my first vinyl line cars came in, was a faun,vw,landr and fer.

07.02 | 23:41

Love the space-toys very much!!!!
Keep on collecting them.