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Lehmann Tap-Tap 560 Pat 1903

Lehmann Tin Toys

DR Patent Germany

Lehmann Tap Tap 560

1903 - 1920

Pat USA 12.May 1903

With Lehmann Key Wind-up Mechanism

Size: 16 cm x 8 x 14 cm


Tom's Private Toy Collection

560 DR Patent - Made in Germany


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Lehmann Tap-Tap. tinplate wind-up man and wheelbarrow toy.

EPL 560

6" (15 cm.) A tin delivery man with blue jacket, cream cap and pants, black painted stockings and shoes is pushing a two-wheeled lithographed delivery cart(Wheel barrow) with white interior. When wind up, the wheels rapidly turn, causing the man to walk forward, legs alternately moving, nodding his head. Good condition, functions well. Marked Lehmann with EPL number model 560, circa 1920, the toy represented the popular street vendor of the early 20th century.
Category: Antique Tinplate Mechanical Toy Figures

VEB Heini 507 Lehmann

"MY Year" - 1953

(1948-53) More versions and colours (Blue - green trousers-check shirt)

Litte Heini on his lovely Tricycle by LEHMANN

Size: L-15,4 cm x W-7,5 cm x H-14,5 cm

Clockwork lithographed tinplate, boy with yellow shirt with green and red stripes, blue trousers, brown hair, "wooden-pattern-painted" - "handpedaled" - tricycle with red wheels - all made in "tinn-plate"

Very good to excellent condition

Tom's Privat Collection - No. TTC-0004

Bearing both VEB and Lehmann's Trade Marks on backside- see photos

Made in Germany Marke P Patent - Lehmann

VEB - Heini 507 - Lehmann

Real Wind-up Clock-work Mechanism

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VEB Patent Lineol 507 Heini

Ref. Model with green trousers!


Gebaut ab 1951 in unmittelbarer Nachfolge von E.P.Lehmann,
Laenge 16 cm mit Uhrwerkantrieb,
gemarkt an der Rueckseite,
Zustand I-II mit stellenweise Flugrost wie abgebildet,
klicken Sie auf das Bild fuer eine grosse Ansicht,
Preis € 280,--Euro

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Tom 700

The Climbing Monkey

Lehmann Trade Marked - Made in Germany


The Climbing Monkey

 Tin Toy - Climbing

MS 218 Made in China - Lehmann Replica

Original Model with Lehmann's Trading Mark and "Made in Germany"

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