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Tom's Happy Tin Toy Family! Grandma and Grandpa having a Party!

Cigar Smoking McGregor


Nomura - Japan

A very nice vintage tin toy .

 Battery operated, made in Japan by TN Nomura in the 1960's

Cigar smoking McGregor.

Some of these came in "Rosko Tested Box" # Ref. No. 078

Battery operated "MCGREGOR" - Pot-bellied Scotsman, Mcgregor takes a puff of his cigar, cigar butt lights up. He enjoys fine blended tobacco and exhales the smoke through his mouth.

Then he raises himself, takes another puff, closes his eyes and this time exhales the smoke through his nostrils. eyes open and close.

He is resting on a Blue Travelling Trunk - nice litograped with travel stickers!

On/Off switch on the side - also marked - "T.N. Made in Japan"

Tin toy, clothes and hair are real fabric - Used condition.

Sitting about 28 cm high

The Bartender


Battery Operated

Made in Japan

Hungry Baby Bear


- Yonezawa Toys - Made in Japan -

Battery operated

Vintage 1950's Battery Operated - Mother Bear Feeding Cub Bottle Milk


Lithographed Horse and Knight Rider

Armored Knight on Horseback


Tinplated with Litho

Armored Knight on Horseback

TTC-0001 - 1960 Toms Toy Collection

Lithographed Horse and Knight Rider

Tiplate horse with plate undercover and battery-cover in plastic - also plastic horse-legs

Moving in "Attack-modus" Ready for a fight!

(N) Blikk-leke - Ridder til hest - Batterifunksjon - Går rett bortover i meget livaktig angreps-gange

Tinplated - Battery Powered - Lithographed

Frankenstein Monster


TN Nomura Toys


Made in Japan

Frankenstein Monster

Rosko Tested USA


The Roller Skating Monkey

Trade Mark ALPS - Made in Japan

Frankonia Toys

Funny Blue & Yellow Trick-car

Rich lithographed Oldtimer Car with driver 


Batteryoperated - Steering-Wheel goes off ...and more action!

Blue on left  side - Yellow on the right side -

Marked: 452 Made in China ME 074

Made in China

Pinkee The Farmer

TN Trade Mark Nomura

Made in Japan

Nice battery operated vehicle, engine with moving pistons & piggies that pop in & out of their cage.

Pretty Shabby Shape - Farmer's Car


Bubble Blowing Monkey

Battery Operated Tin Toy

- Alps Toy Company - Trade Mark -

Made in Japan

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28.09 | 10:49

Nice cars! I am 54 years old and mostly played with Tomte. when i was 5 or 6 years old my first vinyl line cars came in,...it was a faun,vw,landr and fer.

07.02 | 23:41

Love the space-toys very much!!!!
Keep on collecting them.