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My First Wind-up Tin Toy Cat

Der gestiefelte Kater (D) - Katten med Støvlene (N)

Walking Wind-Up Tin Toy Cat with Plastic Boots 

1958 (1954 - 65)

GKN  - Georg Køhler Nuremberg GERMANY MADE

Katten med Støvlene (N) 

MY FIRST Wind-up Tin Toy Cat - Christmas Gift 1960

1954 begann die Produktion der ersten Plastik-Spielzeuge die anfangs aus Blech und Plastik produziert wurden wie der Singvogel und der gestiefelte Kater mit Plastikfüssen.
1960 umfasste das Sortiment ca. 70 Blechspielzeugartikel.


GKN = Georg Køhler Nuremberg - GKN - Der gestiefelte Kater

"MY FIRST" Tin Toy

Haji Tin Toy


Jumping Horse with Indian Chief


"My-First" Japanese Tin Toy

This I got from my Aunt Erna in Sweden for Chistmas 1960

Thanks to my Family in Sweden!

A Great Toy for me as 7 year old boy! Very Happy!



Fire Truck

Made in Vinyl

"Teddy & Jumbo"

1953 Model

Years made: 1951-57

Model A-1

(NB! Number in Tom's Private Collection - New Catalog 2012 - No factory number on the toy)

- Tomte's 1.st Fire Truck in - Soft Rubber - "Vinyl" - 1.st. "Fire-Engine" -

(N) Tomte's 1.ste Brannbil i Spesialblandet - Myk-Plast - Harpiks/PVC

No.1. Tomte Laerdal - Stavanger - Made in Norway

Size: Length - 20 cm - Cat. Scale 1:20

Named: "TOMTE" on Front (Easy to recognize)

Red soft rubber with black wheels - all wheels named with:

"Tomte Toys - Stavanger - Norway"

A "Piip" in the back! Press to give a Whistling Sound! (Just as on The Anne Dolls)

"A Squeaking Toy" - Great for Young Children!

NB! My model is stained with som blue markings from a young boys ink-markings.

It has truely been played with!

Note: 1.st model is not really in Vinyl but a special mix of rubber and art.f. resin (N "harpiks") - but mostly in very many publications and ads - it is referred to as "Vinyl" - easy recognized.. 

Note: There is one earlier Fire-Truck - Model made in Wood!

In the years after WW-2 - there was in Norway 1945-55 not allowed to import toys, we should get our own country up and running, start factories and make our own products and TOYS!

So the first toys for Children born in Norway in the 1940-50-ies where mostly made in wood!

I, myself, was lucky enough to have an aunt that fled to Sweden during the WW-2, married a Swede and they always send us brothers (3 - 1949/53/57) great Tin-Plate Toys - Made in Japan!

THANKS TO AUNT "ERNA" with Family for their/mine Great Christmas Gifts!

A few factories even made some "Tin Toys" & Trains & Cars: Bakke bl.a.

Tomte Toys

Fire Engine Type 500

Model B-2 - "Heavy 315 Editon"

No. B-2 Great Red Fire Engine 500 Made in Soft Rubber

Ref. Red. and Toy-Collector:

Tom Rikard - borned in 1953 - Young boy - 7 Years old in 1960 !

Great Toy for a Young Boy at the time!

A Great Christmas Gift!


Length: Ca. 25 cm (24,8 cm) Weight: Ca. 315 Grams ! OBS!


Back: Number: "500"

All wheels marked: "TOMTE TOYS - STAVANGER - NORWAY"

Model B-2 - "Heavy 315 Editon"

No. B-2 Great Red Fire Engine 500 Made in Soft Rubber

"1959 Model" - B-2 - "315-Version" "Deep Red"


Deep Red Sof Rubber with yellow, factory named wheels, with closed metal hub caps - on later Vinyl-models "Ventilated Metal Hub-Caps)

Driving Fire-Fighters - The Fire-Chief in the front and the Second Fire-Fighter in control with the water-pump in back - both men with red fire-man-helmets (Often heads/helmets are chewed on and/or missing)

Very detailed with the big red fire-bell on front and fire-hose's and various tubes equipments in back, really a "American Heavy Duty Fire-Engine" with all needed fire-equipment on both sides: Fire-axe, pumps, fire extinguishers and all other tools  !

Variation in Colours over the years: Deep Red to Red and later Orange and Yellow

A very commen colour is the "Pink-version" or also often named as "Faded Red"

A quick check underneath - usually revals the original colour! Ref. Red/Orange/Yellow is "tricky"

(NB! Number in Tom's Private Collection - New Catalog 2012 - No factory number on the toy)

NB! This first edition is "Heavy Duty" made

First versions:  B-1 330 gr. and B-2 315 gr. The later versions lighter vinyl: B-3 B-4 B-5 only  238 gr.

These first models where "softer" and "heavy-ier" than later editions, the factory-production tried and experimented with different material mixture in the early 1950-ies before the finally models "The vinyl-models" came in the 1960 and 1970-ties!


 Gammel Norsk Gyngehest
Original i heltre med pene malte detaljer og meier

"Gyngehesten fra Tom's Barndom"


Gammel Norsk Gyngehest - Original i heltre med pene malte detaljer og meier

Ja, akkurat slik så gyngehesten ut i min barndom

De fleste av denne typen ble laget på "Fengsel-verksted"

Meget vakre og pupulære samlerobjekter


This Toy is Lost & Wanted!


BILLY The Ball Blowing Magic Whale

Wind-Up Tin Toy

Trade Mark KO

Made in Japan

Yoshiya  Kobe Yoko Ltd. Japan

"My First - New Bike"
DBS Junior 1962
Great Birthdaypresent!
Huge Hugs & Thanks to My Mother & Father!
Inger & Arne Dalen
Me - 1953-model - 9 Years Old
Posing very proud with my brother Arvid by My side!


"MY FIRST" Tube Radio

Tandberg Sølvsuper 4

This I got "Second Hand" as a very young radio-repair-man!

Dead it was - and I ordered new valves from "Kviteseid Elektriske" -

I lived at that time in Nissedal in Telemark - Norway -

I was very amazed when it lighted up with 2 new tubes!

I listened to Radio Luxembourg - Radio "LUX" all night long!

Since then a bit "Hooked on old radioes"!



"MY FIRST Motor-Bikes"

TEMPO 1953 150 ccm

Foto: 29.3.1972

Tempo'n i Kroa

Denne kaupte eg av Tormod Felle -

strippa han heilt ned og måla han med raud - - "Bengalac" -

Fin vart han må vite! Tempo 150 ccm 1953 Modell

Bought it 2'nd Hand i 1960-ies

1.st owner was The Postman in Nissedal!

"Trur du dænna dreg gøtt uppuvi Grimstveitsbakkane!"

1951-1958 Tempo Standard 20 150 ccm med Øglænd teleskopgaffel

Ref. www.Tempoklubben.com

Tempo Trigger 1965

1965-66 Tempo Trigger Sport 800 5,3 hk motor fem gir

Max. 100 km/h nedoverbakke med sola i ryggen!

This one I got from my brother when he got his first car (Opel Olympia Stv.n.)

The gearbox/shift was broken and I used all my savings on repair!

A very happy boy at 16 years old in 1969 on his first tour!

What a "Freedom" - My own motorbike!

Ref. www.Tempoklubben.com


"My First" Philips Compact Cassette Recorder


1967 Model

This model was my first experience with The Great Compact Cassettes!

So Philips gave me many happy hours listening to great music! Thanks!

Together with Philips Portable Recordplayer - I was introduced to The Beatles!

Recording both by microphone and/or via DIN Connector/Cable!

Made from 1967-72

Compact Cassette Recorder


(Ref. EL-3300 MK 1 - 1965 and 3301 MK 2 - 1966)

Nypris: NKr. 100.- Avg. 11.-

Serial no. 505.913

Motor marked: WR-01 911

Made by Philips Holland

Great Philips links:



"MY FIRST" Radio-Cassette-Recorder


Philips RR 70

This I got from my Parents in 1969

We drove to Arendal to buy it - They made me very Happy!

This was ment to keep me at home and away form the girls!

But I guess it worked very well to make the girls happy as well!

I always had it with me in the back on my great motorbike - The Tempo Trigger!

CCR - Creedence had some great hits in 1969-70

Great to be able to record "Ti i Skuddet" - "Top-Ten" with  Pop & Western Music!

20 Transistors 16 Diodes

LW 150 - 280 KHz MW 517-1605 KHz SW 6 - 9,8 MHz FM 87,5 - 104 MHz


"My First - Ford Anglia"

Ford Anglia 1964 modell

- Min (Tom Rikard) fyrste bil!

Kaupte den bruka av Tor Djupedal i Skien og henta den oppi på Notodden -

NKr. 1.700.- 26.1.1973

19,3 liter "Mobilgas Special" koster Kr. 30,- 20.2.1973

Då eg køyrde den heimatt - fann vi ut at den kun gikk på 3 sylindre!

Så då vart det full motoroverhaling med skifte av stempel og topp-pakning!

Topp-pakning + manof.pkn + + kostet kr. 100.- Stempel med diverse Kr. 90,60 - Stempelfjær 12,-

Så klar på veien kostet den meg den nette sum av Kr. 2.362,60 ! Intet mindre!

Men du verden for en heftig frihetsfølelse med "Egen Bil" ! Kjempenøgde var den guten då!

Blank og fin heimi i Gruva - Nyrubba og Nypolera må vite!

"My First"


- Tokai Mobile CB Tranceiver -

With x-tals Only 2 Channels Kanal A + B

Very exciting CB-Radio for a young radio-operator!

Mounted in "MY First" Car - Ford Anglia

"My First"

Tom's Ford Cortina 1500

Ford Cortina - 1500 - 1963 Modell - ND 28295

Pris: Brukt 1974 - Kr. 800.-

Reg. Kr. 300.- Forsikring Kr. 300.- Dekk Kr. 150.-

Dynamo Kr. 100.- Stifter Kr. 12.- Plugger Kr. 50.-

Støtfanger 50.- Frostveske 50.- Vindusviskere 50.-

SÅ Kjøreklar i 1974 - Kostet den meg Totalt Kr. 2.342.-

1 tank med bensin kostet ca. Kr. 50.- dengang


Vinterkald bil som fryser litt i kulda - Arendal

Sort vinyltak og sorte striper samt ekstra lyskastere i grillen - "Tusenmetre" !


Dette var "Godbilen" i mange fine ungdomsår på 1960-70 tallet!

Eva var like glad i den som jeg! Vi hadde ein fin tur til Sørlandet - Sommeren 1975!

Laurdag morgon og nedsnoa var min kjære Cortina!

"My First"

Eltex 400 Calculator

- My First Calculator -

With red digits

1973 - 100 US $

I sailed as Radioofficer on M/S Dyvi Oceanic and we visited New York - USA - several times.

Shipping 2.500 Volkswagen Beetle's - every month - from Emden in Germany to U.S.A.

Ref. The price on these at the time went down with 10 $ once a month!

(Hot items in the Electronic shops at the time!)


"My First Sansui - The Great AU - 555 A"



Top Sound! In Daily Use!

"Very Close" to "Tube-Sound"! 

Made in Tokyo - Japan 

Serial Number 832120553
As young, fresh educated, Radio-officer - 
I sailed to New York - U.S.A several times on my first ship "Dyvi Oceanic".
I always took a trip into the Big City, and was of course highly amazed
 over what The Electronic Shops had to offer in this great town!
Walls up and down filled with great stereo - amplifiers!
My dream was to buy a Sansui - and after some months sailing I bought:

"My First Sansui - The Great AU - 555 A"

Ref. http://www.sansui.us/Amplifiers.htm 
From 1967 to 1970, 
Sansui introduced the array of 
the single number three digits integrated amplifiers .

They were AU-222, AU-333, AU-555,
 AU-666, AU-777, AU-888, and AU-999

followed by improved versions;

AU-555A and AU-777D.

The sound of this series was very close to that of tube amps! 

Even mixing with tube amplifierswith frequency divided multi-power amps system,

 "It sounded natural" - Great Sansui Sound!

"My First"

Landrover Pick-up

My First Landrover Pick-up PN 32143

"My First"

Mobile Phone!

Mitsubishi Electric - Made in Japan

Mitsubishi FM 57D 15 A - B

Dette er av de første godkjente NMT 450 telefonene i Norge.

Den var med ved typegodkjenningen før starten 10.11 1981

Denne veide hele 15 KG ! Tung - men heftig og meget populær i 1980 !

As a young fresh educated Electronic Engineer with own Electronic Store,

This was very modern and a great novelty in My New Electronic Store!

"Dalen Electronic"

See also:

Stereo: Sansui - Sony - Onkyo - Panasonic - Technics

Walkie Talkie:

More info with private photos ........ soon ....

 Angelita My little Angel Daughter - "Angelita" - Touching The Mercedes Star

"My First"

Mercedes 280 SE

"The Happy 1980-ties"

"ON Tour" - Surfing with "Clarion Stereo"

"My Daughter Angelita" onboard!

DA 93269

"Mechanic Injection" - Great Engine - Started in -35 C - No Problem!

Early Mercedes Injection system - excellent system - always same idle - cold or hot!

"My First"

Mercedes 450 SE

"My First"

Range Rover

Special Ambulance Version - X-Large

 Great Sunset at La Manga - Mar Menor - Spain

"My First"

Mercedes 608D

"My First" - "Hippie-mobile"

"Thomas The Travelling Trader"

Wind-Surfing at La Manga - Spain

"My First"

Mercedes 613 D

Type 0309

DD'n fra Østerhus Bilruter Tau!

Selvbygget om til Campingbuss

Denne ble bare kalt DD'n av sjøførene på Østerhus så den har hatt det navnet helt siden da!

Jeg fjernet noen av bokstavene og så stod det alltid: "HUS AU" - bak på bussen!



"My First"


Mercedes 711D

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